It is really 3 pm on Tuesday and your tummy is rumbling. Do head for the vending device and go straight for chocolate? No! Pick out a snack that is just sufficient to give you that good sensation of satisfaction, without having packing on the undesired lbs .! Check out out our beloved reduced-cal snacks, some even best for poolside!

Anything Sweet:

one/2 cup of strawberries, dipped in chocolate of system! Microwave one tablespoon of chocolate chips in ten-second increments until finally melted. Only 93 energy, and it really is pure perfection!

one Hostess 100 Calorie Pack Cupcakes. Check out the lemon taste, gentle and fluffy without having back again tracking your diet program!

one Jell-O Mousse Temptations cup – Dim Chocolate Decadence is our fav. sixty energy of pure bliss.

15 chocolate included raisins. Mmmm! Just really don’t let them melt in your seashore tote! ninety five energy.

one Yoplait Yogurt gentle. Flavors such as raspberry cheesecake, vital lime pie, berries’ n cream, crimson velvet cake and extremely vanilla. So a lot of flavors, so minimal time! 100 energy.

one Kellogg’s Exclusive K bar. 7 flavors that are less than 100 energy. Best for on the go!

Anything Salty:

Switch the super fatty potato chips with Baked Lay’s as an alternative. Check out the snack sizing that contains a hundred thirty energy. Maintain in brain, chips are a really processed food stuff and deficiency nutritional value, so snack sparingly.

one big tough-boiled egg. Slice it and sprinkle with salt,cumin, celery seed or nutmeg. Only eighty energy!

one/2 medium baked potato topped with one tablespoon of fat-free of charge bitter cream and salsa. You really feel like your indulging on a great deal additional than eighty one energy.

one 100 calorie pack of popcorn. It will fill you up without having filling you out! Just keep in brain, the scent will linger via your place of work halls.

2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds. Great seashore tote addition. 100 energy.

one/2 sliced up cucumber. Dip in gentle ranch. Alongside one another beneath 100 energy.

one/2 cup of honey-roasted soy nuts. Packed with protein, this hearty snack will get care of your sweet, salty and crunchy wants. 100 energy.

Share with us your beloved 100 calorie snack. Battle off the vending device munchies and keep on observe with your bikini bod diet program!

Resource by Lisa Vogel