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Month: September 2017

Some Thoughts on Our Value Proposition

Dick Greenberg “we see our marketing duties as professionalism in effective communication. Understanding markets and those whose acts drive the market’s behavior, utilizing state of the art technology, employing honest but compelling presentation techniques”Right on target – and – re-blog! One of the main points of our “value proposition” is that we never use the phrase “value proposition” – either verbally, in written marketing materials, or even in our thoughts. We’re making a special exception for this post, obviously. Let me explain. Back when we were working for Big Box Realty, we were first introduced to the phrase by the...

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Danger – Leather Soles of Shoes Can Be Treacherously Slippery

LEATHER SOLES This article explains why you don’t want to wear leather sole dress shoes. The basic reason is that leather is slippery, even when dry. DRESS SHOES Dress shoes must serve two functions. First, they should look dressy so that you radiate class and good taste to all who see you. This is especially important if you’re an attorney going to court or meeting clients. Your shoes and haircut will be inspected at these encounters. So you want your shoes to look dressy. Black leather is the best choice for the uppers of your shoes. But what about the soles? LEATHER SOLES Leather soles look great but are slippery, even on dry surfaces. Especially when new, they can be hazardous to your health because you can slip when walking on a hard floor, a street, or even a concrete sidewalk! There are modifications that you can make to leather soles to render them a little less slippery, but these solutions are ultimately unsatisfactory. We’re talking about cutting a crisscross pattern into the leather soles with a sharp knife, or adding rosin to the soles the way boxers used to do to their boxing shoes. Neither solution is adequate. (Incidentally, most boxing shoes today are no longer made with leather soles, indicating that in the world of professional boxing athletes have learned the lesson of avoiding leather soles altogether.)...

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Massage Therapy Home Business – Free Marketing Ideas

Free Business Cards A lot of online companies offer up to 250 free business cards you can design yourself. My favorite is Home Business Center. You can design your personal massage therapy business cards using any of their 42 card templates to deliver your message and contact information. Keep your business cards on you and hand them out to potential clients. Listen to what is being said around you in conversation. For example, when someone complaints about a back ache or a stressful week suggest a massage and give them your card. Also, ask friends and family to hand out a few to coworkers that might be interested in a home massage. Local Directories and Home Business Directories Online Submit your business information to local directories. Even if you do not have a web site for you massage therapy home business your services will appear in local search results. The top three directories or local map search engines to submit to are Google Local Business Center, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local Listing Center. Add contact information, specialty services, pictures and hours available. Also, submit your massage business to local company directories in your area. Participate in Raffles Ticket Giveaways in your Area Find local events in your area and donate a free massage to the community raffle. It is free advertising for your massage home business and if the...

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Some of the best bass Fishing Tips

A accompany of days ago, I shared some of the best bass Fishing Tips. One of those tips was to tip your lure stash some sort of jeer. That Fishing Tips, will work not tell any trout lure. Well there’s positively a lure manufacturer that makes a lure that is designed specifically being adding minnows to unaffected. The procreate combines a spinner secrete some other bait, such as a minnow, though you can add whatever telling or plastic bait you prefer to it. The admission is to add scented disrupt of some sort to the lure to make corporeal...

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Attention Home Sellers! Price it right the first time if you want to sell quickly.

Gita Bantwal “If you do manage to get a buyer to make an offer at a price that is too high , the home may not appraise and the lender may not finance it. By the time the appraisal is done you will have lost valuable time if the buyer backs out when the house does not appraise.”Right on target – and – re-blog!! There is a shortage of inventory in some markets and in some subdivisions in particular. Many agents have buyers looking to buy in some of these communities. But buyer agents are familiar with prices in the...

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