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Month: November 2017

"Thank You" – Two of the Most Important Words in the English Language

Debe Maxwell, CRS “Keeping in touch is the best way to show your gratitude in our business. I believe that many buyers and sellers fall through the cracks after Closing because agents feel like the ‘job is done.’  Our client relationships, honestly, should NEVER end!”Right on target – and -re-blog! “Thank You” – Two of the Most Important Words in the English Language Remember the grandparent lessons, “Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you?’ Gosh, as far back as I can remember, those are some of the first ‘lessons’ I ever learned. That, along with ‘Don’t ever be afraid to say, I’m sorry,’ ‘Don’t...

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The Note Is The Written Promise To Repay The Funds Borrowed

George Souto “So before a Borrower signs the Note, they need to be very sure it is a commitment they are willing to make, and not claim later they did not understand what they were signing, or worst claim they did not have an obligation to repay.”Right on target – and – re-blog! One of the most if not the most important documents a Borrower will sign at the Closing for their new home is the Note.  The reason why I feel the Note is the most important document a Borrower will sign at the Closing for their new home...

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The Nepal Quake and California's (Big One)

The 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal's Katmandu Valley last Sunday is a tragedy. Nearly 4,000 people are confirmed dead, and that number is expected to rise. The damage to structures throughout the area has also been horrific, especially in Katmandu, the nation's capital. It is believed that hundreds of people may still be trapped in the rubble. The quake stuck approximately 50 miles northwest of Katmandu, and was felt as far away as Pakistan, Tibet and Bangladesh. There were numerous aftershocks, including a magnitude 6.7. If you live in California, news of the quake has probably started you thinking again about the Big One – the 8.0+ earthquake that is expected to hit this area within the next 30 years. It is believed the quake will occur along the San Andreas Fault and cause destruction up to 100 miles away. Did you know that the water supply for San Francisco Peninsula residents comes from two sources (the San Andreas Lake and Crystal Springs reservoir) that sit on top of the fault, or that the fault passes through three key transportation, power and utility corridors in southern California? Experts believe that if the fault ruptures, it will break almost everything that crosses it. In one study, a scenario was created in which a large earthquake ruptured the fault for 200 miles. According to the report, there would be 100 seconds...

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Say Goodbye to the Loser Inside – No More Nice Guy!

It is not all bad to be a 'nice guy.' Sometimes it can feel wonderful when you have beautiful girls around you, going to parties with them, talking to them for hours and enjoying their beautiful faces (sometimes wondering how far you are kissing them), receiving some compliments and becoming exhilarated. Hearing all about her life, and also about all the guys she's dated and is dating … giving her gifts and hoping for something in return. Hoping, hoping … going home alone, still hoping. Not getting close to kissing her, not even close. I mean, you can look at that in a positive way, right? At least you're in the company of a beautiful girl, right? Yes, and I sometimes think I am Brad Pitt and get all the women. STOP DELUDING YOURSELF. NO MORE NICE GUY! Is this really the kind of life you want? Do you really feel satisfied when you have not even kissed a girl, not to mention anything sexual at all? It sucks. I know how it feels. I've wanted beautiful girls from afar. I've wanted them up close when they're friends of mine. But being a nice guy, I never got beyond having sweet dreams and fantasies about them. There is a different way. You can discover an endless source of complete POWER within yourself that was hidden there all the time....

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