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Month: November 2017

Where Is The Junk In My Web Design?

How much junk is in your web design? Junk is always the stuff you can throw away and it isn’t missed. In fact, when you clear out the junk the good stuff can then be seen, and this is particularly so with business web sites. I find that the trendiest piece of junk is the popular image slider. It takes up the richest home page real estate and doesn’t offer any practical business value. In my research about quality content the image slider doesn’t show up at all. It has an aesthetic use but no practical business use, but it sure does take up prime space. What does the image slider do? It rotates (slides picture in) up to 6 images, as a rule. That’s all it does. Maybe you think I’m being too harsh because there can be beautiful pictures presented, but do the test and then you’ll know. The test is to cover up the slider with a book or black paper to hide it. Now look at the rest of the page and see if you can tell what the page is about. Whatever remains without scrolling down should provide a heading or text to indicate what else to expect on the page. Even product promotion and pushy sales copy is better than no info. Okay, now remove the paper from the image slider and cover...

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Can You Find The Right Style for Every Room In Your House?

Are you wondering if you’ll ever get all of the rooms in your house decorated to your liking? Don’t try to design your whole house at one time. Take it one room at time. After all, what you like for living room furniture may differ greatly from your preferred bedroom furnishings. The first step to finding the right style is to examine your own lifestyle. When choosing living room furniture and accessories, you’ll want to consider who is going to benefit from your design. This the room of the house in which you will be spending time watching television, reading, talking with the family, and entertaining friends and associates. Do you want a style that primarily shows a strong knowledge of home decorating? Then you will want to shop for the latest trends or follow the principals of classic interior design. Do you want to stress a cozy, at home friendly atmosphere? Then large comfortable sofas and durable furniture are key elements for creating that environment. Whether you want a more formal mood or simply to make others comfortable in your home, your goals can be met with the appropriate décor. If you are looking at bedroom furnishings, you can be thinking of your own personal tastes. If you feel most comfortable with solid, clean lines and few accessories, you should look into contemporary furniture, something that is sleek...

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Did you know? You possess sprezzatura!

Marte Cliff “sprezzatura has also been described “as a form of defensive irony: the ability to disguise what one really desires, feels, thinks, and means or intends behind a mask of apparent reticence and nonchalance”.”Right on target – and – re-blog! One of my vices is that I read too much, primarily mystery novels. My excuse is that I don’t watch TV – I read instead. I also read while I’m cooking dinner, riding in the car with my husband (who doesn’t talk when he’s driving) or waiting anywhere. When I leave the house, a book goes with me. The...

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How To Locate An Alcohol Rehabilitation Center In California

Alcohol rehab in California refers to the centers that help people in California to get rid of the menace of alcoholism. Prevalence of alcoholism is increasing in California therefore more people are looking for Alcohol rehabilitation facilities in California. However, it is necessary that you look for reliable and experienced rehabilitation services in California for faster and effective results. Alcohol rehab in California and for that matter any other place, depends upon the selection of the right center. This is mainly because there are no set rules for alcohol rehabilitation program and the results vary from individual to individual. This is the reason why selection of the right alcohol rehab center in California is important because a wrong selection can jeopardize the outcome. Hundreds of centers are offering alcohol rehabilitation in California. Here are the details of some of the leading facilities offering alcohol rehab programs in California. Harmony Place California The Harmony Place is a premier residential treatment center offering alcohol rehabilitation services in California. This center provides multidimensional alcohol treatment programs customized to suit your need. This center provides treatment based on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual resources for a purposeful and fulfilling life. Integrating mind, body and spirit is the overall mission for alcohol rehab program of this Californian center. Support Systems Homes California Support Systems Homes (SSH) provides innovative and cost- effective treatments for...

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Real Estate cyber attack attempts – how to spot the newest breed

Ryan Huggins – Thousand Oaks, CA ““Lynn Hamilton” sending an email but her email address is “MariaBennetabe”, that fails the sniff test right there.”Right on target – and – re-blog! Phishing Cyber Attack Attempts Against Real Estate Agents, How to Spot Them I’ve been recently getting several phishing emails that take on a new tactic.  They are looking for an agent to work with on a relocation this year or early next year.  These have many red flags that immediately sound the alarm for me, but I’ve noticed several agents not seeing the same red flags so I’m writing this...

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