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Month: February 2018

Designed to Stay – 10 Budget-Wise Decorating Updates for Your Home

"Designed to Sell" is a popular television show. What if you created a home that was designed for you to stay? You do not have to wait until you are moving to have an attractive place. These budget-wise tips will help you update your home. 1. Paint the trim. Although your walls may need painting, painting the trim will update a room. This should take less paint than the walls. Stuck on the color? White and off-white are safe choices. 2. Add art drama. Lots of small pictures can make a room look cluttered. But one large picture can add drama and and unify colors. Your picture may be a poster. Many bargain posters are available on the Internet. Discount stores carry poster frames (two sheets of clear plastic) and they cost about $ 15. 3. Buy a glass lamp. According to the Better Homes & Gardens Web site, glass lamps are a new trend. You may purchase a glass lamp from an import or discount store. Or, as the web site suggests, "Get creative and make your own by taking a stubdy base to a lamp shop for conversion." 4. Relocate furniture. Moving one piece of furniture can change the look of a room. I moved a large chest from the living room to the dining room. What a difference! The living room looked larger and the dining...

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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: a parable We have all heard about the "Silicon Valley" miracle. Not long ago, Silicon Valley found itself at the center of the world, a job- and money-making machine fueled by the popularity of the Internet and technological innovation. Those days are a distant memory now. Now, the Center of the World has become a technological Rust Belt. The streets, once throbbing with energy, are empty and quiet. Empty new buildings stand like bleached mausoleums in the sun with big, indiscreet "AVAILABLE" signs slapped on them. A full 20% of the valley's jobs have been lost since March 2001 and hi-tech jobs continued to be lost as companies downsize or outsource jobs to Asia. No one in the Valley can figure what to do to bring back the golden era. However, most people not local to the area are unaware of the previous history of this area. The past 200 years have been tragic one of genocide, environmental destruction, greed, trickery, and exploitation. In 1776, at the time of their first contact with the Spanish explorers originally who were looking for gold, Santa Clara Valley was an untouched Eden with maybe 10,000 Ohlone Indians. By 1830, the peaceful, basket-weaving peoples who had been living there for over 10,000 years had completely disappeared, killed off by epidemics and the mission system. In 1848, the land, originally part of...

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Like most homeowners you probably wish you had a larger more luxurious bathroom in your home. If adding any more square footage is out of the question there are some design ideas that can make your small bathroom at least look and feel bigger and seem less cramped. Bathroom remodeling ideas need not be limited to big, luxurious bathrooms that have more generous space and therefore are more able to move around their bathroom fixtures and remodeling plumbing and electrical outlets. Most homes will have small bathrooms and a small bathroom can have a cozy and intimate feel. However too often bathrooms are not looked at as a space where one can spend quality time. As a result many bathrooms are usually just designed to be comfortable and efficient enough. Regardless of the style you choose to decorate your small bath, it will never leave a small bath. You can by using using the right colors and lighting design, create a posh and cozy bathroom retreat. Theories concerned space enlargement will apply to a bathroom as well as to any other room in your home. For example you might want to consider replacing a large vanity with a more stylish p pedestal sink. You should cut back on anything that sticks out too much in the bathroom. See if you have any wall shelves, hanging racks, or decorative accessories...

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Making 2018 the Best Year Yet – An ActiveRain Challenge – ASM

This is our entry into “Making 2018 the Best Year Yet – An ActiveRain Challenge” sponsored by Debbie Reynolds. I had to wait until today to write this, as goal Number 1 has been in the works since January 3rd, and yesterday was achieved! Suzanne and I were invited to partner with one of the highest producing teams in our MLS as they expand into other geographic areas of the valley.  We live in Anthem (Northwest Valley) and their primary focus is North Scottsdale.  2017 numbers – 130 transactions, $70,000,000 volume, Average Sales Price $553K, many listings over $1M.   Several weeks...

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Transition "To Do" List

As a followup to the announcement in my previous post, we are now gearing up for transition to the new brand.  This means making an exhaustive list of all online branding in various accounts, and updating documents and  marketing collateral.  It will probably take a couple of hours to make the list – let alone get started on it!    It’s a work in process – and it’s not clear how much time it may take away from our “presence” in the ‘Rain.   Time will tell! About the Authors – Updated 2017 If you are considering a Traditional or Short Sale of...

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