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Leave the Sugar Coating to Pastry Chefs!

Wanda Kubat-Nerdin “Contrary to what you may see online, it is unnecessary to flourish with big words, overly embellished descriptions and sugary prose.”Right on target – and – re-blog! Leave the Sugar Coating to Pastry Chefs! When touting a home’s features, keep it simple in it’s entirety. Contrary to what you may see online, it is unnecessary to flourish with big words, overly embellished descriptions and sugary prose. Too many times the details of a home can get lost in translation and once the potential buyer’s attention goes astray, they will move on quickly to the next available property on the market. Keeping...

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Giving Thanks – Day 2

This is our Giving Thanks – Day 2 – entry into “12 Days of Thanks Giving 2017 – ActiveRain Challenge” hosted by Debbie Reynolds. Today I give thanks for my parents.   They guided me in the right direction. They tolerated my independent “free spirit” thinking and let me figure things out myself. They were there for me to help pick me up when I needed help. They showed me the value of a strong family. Thank you Mom and Dad!  ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Click the button below to Subscribe to ourArizona Real Estate blog!     All images purchased and  licensed from Shutterstock , shared from YouTube, sourced from Vectortoons, or were taken by the author unless...

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Don't Just Give Up – Consider a Short Sale in New River

While the numbers of Short Sales and REOs in New River are way down from the staggering levels following the market crash about 10 years ago, there are still some properties “under water” and some that have received a Notice of Default, the first step in the process that will result in the Trustee’s Sale on the courthouse steps. It’s always sad to see people give up and walk away from a home, particularly when alternatives exist which may well be better for them and their lien holders. We’ve learned that often those who “opt” to let the home go to foreclosure...

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Appreciating our Clients and Associates

This is our entry for the November Contest “Thankfulness – An AR Challenge” hosted by Jim Cheney. Suzanne and I have an unwritten “policy” to show those we encounter – whether clients, associates, vendors, etc – that we sincerely appreciate them. The way this appreciation manifests itself can be in one of many ways. Sometimes a handshake, looking them in the eye, and sincerely thanking them for being our client, or providing great service is all it takes. Other times we may treat our client to a meal – although more often than not it is us on the receiving end of such...

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Paying It Forward 2017

This is our entry into the “Fourth Annual Pay It Forward ActiveRain Challenge For November 2017” hosted by Belinda Spillman. Sometimes when hearing the words “Pay It Forward” the image of someone in desparate need is conjured up as the recipient of kindness from another. Yes – that is one example of paying it forward – but “paying it forward” can take many different shapes and forms, and does not always need to be a “charitable” effort. Suzanne and I donate to several worthwhile charities. The Honor Health Desert Misson Food Bank receives several visits a year from us. They put food on...

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