In the Rosebud River valley, an hour east of Calgary, the water in a lot of residences can be lit on fire. Every person agrees you can find gas in the water. Couple concur on why.

At Fiona Lauridsen’s farm, just outdoors the hamlet of Rosebud, Fiona and her relatives acquired pores and skin burns in the shower. Fiona promises that EnCana, Canada’s greatest all-natural gas business, contaminated the aquifer by drilling (fracking) for coal bed methane, a new supply of all-natural gas extraction that frequently utilizes chemical substances for drilling. However in the hamlet, in which the Rosebud Theatre is a common tourist attraction, most inhabitants refuse to even converse about burning water, for worry of harming the tourist industry. A government minister blamed the contamination on improper very well maintenance on the aspect of the farmer. Other scientist’s disagree, and Fiona thinks the government is deflecting awareness away from the adverse effects of an electricity growth that’s bringing record profits to the province.

As gas wells sprout up across North The united states, and all all over Rosebud, the Lauridsen relatives struggles to keep alongside one another and remain aspect of their community, at the very same time confronting the dark real truth of what may well be going on beneath the floor.

Penned and Directed by Cameron Esler & Tadzio Richards
Produced by Frederic Bohbot & Evan Beloff
Edited by Glenn Berman
Songs by Shawn Beauchamp