Mike Cooper “It’s never my belief that I must work for or with anyone and everyone. When I tie my personal and financial well-being to one individual or one entity, I become their servant…”Right on target – and – re-blog!You are valuable. I’ve mentioned in a couple blogs that I fire clients. I don’t do it daily, weekly or monthly, but it happens just about every year at some point. And, it’s always a good thing. Some clients are time-wasters who keep you from productive clients. So, rather than waste my time and get frustrated, I let them go.
I know for some, that would be an insane way to deal with clients. I do make every effort to help them until it becomes obvious that we’re not going to get across the finish line, ever.
Here’s my point in this.  If you value yourself, and if you trust that work will be drawn to you – you don’t need unproductive clients. I recently fired a client, and before the day was over, I picked up two new clients.

So, I gave up one unproductive client and received two solid clients in return.  It’s never my belief that I must work for or with anyone and everyone. When I tie my personal and financial well-being to one individual or one entity, I become their servant, and they have the potential to treat me or use me in any way they chose.
In the laws of attraction, what you can visualize and believe will be attracted to you. You see that in Scripture, and you see it in life. If you can conceive that buyers / sellers are attracted to you, they will be. If you can visualize buyers / sellers seeking you out, they will.  If the your words are words of faith and belief, good things will follow. A solid Biblical principle tells us that we are to “call things that are not as though they were(are).” ( Rom 4.17) That is simply speaking what you want to see happen.
For years, my mornings started at 5:00 am. I was on the road and during that time I used my time for reflection, prayer and to speak to the mountains in life. I also use it to “call things that are not as though they were (or are).” For instance, I would say, “Father, I thank you for 5 new salable listings and 5 ready qualified buyers.” I was speaking to things that I wanted to see happen. And, they constantly happen, turning over and over. Coincidence? Not at all.
Don’t discount yourself. You are valuable and you have value in what you do. Expect people to seek you out, and when you come across those unproductive clients – cut ’em loose.  There will be new clients right behind them waiting to get on your schedule.
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