DEath Valley Mesquite Sand Dunes!  Nikon D810 HDR Landscape Photos! Dr. Elliot McGucken Fine Art Photography!

Dying Valley Mesquite Sand Dunes! Nikon D810 HDR Landscape Images!

Nikon D810 HDR Landscape Images! Dr. Elliot McGucken Fantastic Artwork Images! fourteen-24mm Nikkor Wide Angle F/2.8 Lens!

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Dr. Elliot McGucken’s Fantastic Artwork Landscape & Character Images for Los Angeles Gallery Demonstrate !

Will be active printing and framing in awesome huge, matted formats and frames and museum glass! 5 of these pictures will be printed on 40″ x sixty” floating wall mounted steel sheets! I feel I know which–will share pictures of the pictures hanging on the partitions!

And I am mounting some on plexiglass/acryllic–entrance mounting them! Some I am printing on lossy fuji-crystal archival paper far too, and then entrance mounting 40″x60″ versions to plexiglass–will ship pictures!

The key to HDR photography is that you want people to say, “Woe dude–that is unreal!” And not, “Dude–that is not true!” “Unreal” is the word they use when they are seeking to determine out the picture–what helps make it neat–is it a picture? Is it painted? How’d it occur to be–how’d you bend the mild that way? “Which is not true,” is what they say if you have the saturation/HDR/ and so forth. turned up far too substantial. 🙂

Some (virtually) last edits for my Los Angeles Gallery Demonstrate! Printing them on metallic paper at 13″ x 19″ and mounting and framing them on a 4mm 18×24 white mat and 2″ dark wood body. Also printing some 40″ x 70″ which is more than a few toes by five toes! Want you all could occur (and cling out with the goddesses)!

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I booked a key photography show at a key LA gallery in December! Will also be giving some lectures on the tale–the Hero’s Odyssey Mythology–at the rear of the photography!

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Planning for some gallery displays this slide to celebrate three hundred,000,000 sights! Printing a few dozen photos in ~ 30″x40″ formats and mounting/framing. Below are some close-to-last edits. HDR photography 7 exposures shot at 1EV and put together in photomatix: 36 megapixel Nikon D8010 with the awesome Nikon fourteen-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Wide Angle Zoom Lens. 45SURF Hero’s Odyssey Mythology Images!

Epic Scenic HDR Landscapes Shot with Nikon D810: Hero’s Odyssey Mythology Images!

3-7 exposures @ 1EV concluded in photomatix.

Get pleasure from the Hero’s Odyssey Mythology Images, and all the ideal on a hero’s odyssey of your possess building!

Significant Dynamic Vary (HDR) pictures rock in capturing the complete dynamic selection of the scene!

All the ideal on your epic hero’s odyssey from Johnny Ranger McCoy!

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Nikon D810 Sunset Images of Malibu Sea Cave! Dr. Elliot McGucken Fantastic Artwork Landscape & Character Images for Los Angeles Gallery Demonstrate !

45SURF Hero’s Odyssey Mythology Images
Homer’s Odyssey: Inform me, O muse, of that ingenious hero who travelled considerably and huge. . . Lots of towns did he check out, and numerous had been the nations with whose manners and customs he was acquainted in addition he experienced a great deal by sea while seeking to preserve his possess lifestyle and deliver his men safely and securely dwelling –Homer’s Odyssey translated by Samuel Butler

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Sense totally free to ask any questions about composing, capturing, ending, mounting, and presenting Fantastic Artwork Images! 🙂

All the Ideal on your Epic Hero’s Odyssey from Johnny Ranger McCoy! The reflections of the reeds are titled “The Rage of Achilles!” 🙂 Get pleasure from!

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45SURF Fantastic Artwork!

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