The previous in a sequence of three ski-journey episodes (Ep1: Kashmir – A Skier’s Journey / Ep2: La Grave – A Skier’s Journey), Jordan Manley returns home to Canada, going to the legendary Canadian Rockies. Established to the backdrop of Banff National Park and the Freshfield Icefield, Manley and the Sherpas Cinema crew spherical out their ski season, climbing and skiing for 6 times out of their picturesque base camp.

Introduced by Gore-tex and

Exclusive many thanks to Sherpas Cinema. This episode was developed along with the filming of their two yr film challenge, “All I Can”. Check out their incredible do the job, at:

Manufacturing & Narration – Jordan Manley
Crafting – Jordan Manley, Chad Manley
Skiers – Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, Callum Petit, James Heim
Supplemental footage furnished by Sherpas Cinema
Audio – “Johnny Rooke” by Elliot Brood
“Sweet Tiny Duck” by Kathleen Edwards

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