Have you ever noticed that fewer and fewer people are telling others to; Have a Nice Day! It seems that using the phrase have a nice day is to plain and ordinary, so people have stopped using it. Perhaps it was overused at one time and it is kind of funny to listen to someone tell all the customers to have a nice day over and over again. Sometimes the Wal-Mart greeters still do this and I just smile and say; You to.

If you tell everyone to have a nice day and then the last person you told overhears you telling the next person and a person that already heard you tell it to four other people ahead of them. At that point you may as well tell them instead of having a nice day simply; Go to Hell. Why do I say this? Well, simple really if you're just telling people to have a nice day because it is something to say then it does not seem genuine or real. Perhaps you mean it in a nice way to have a nice day but that is becoming so passé.

There are other versions up have a nice day such as; have a good one or have a wonderful day. In the olden days they simply used to say; Good Day and tip their hat. Telling someone to have a nice day is a very nice thing to say, but if you're going to say it to everyone you meet the needs of variations along the theme and that is the point of my article so Be Well. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow