Hi Charlotte, truly I&#039ve never followed you right here on this website and just took place to simply click on your CharJo badge. I backlink up on your Sunday website backlink up from Sunday Scripture Blessings backlink up. I&#039ve been on the web prior to running a blog started when we did website pages from scratch. Then that went away…I was on Geocities…so I started running a blog all over 2009. I blogged on Blogger very first, then went to WordPress, and then back to running a blog on both equally. I do obtain a lot of of the blogs that I enjoyed have remaining for other venues, but I obtain running a blog to be much more interactive than on my FB or Twitter. I do like Google+ for interactions. FB was enjoyment at very first, but now my timeline in any case would seem to just be a reiteration of the everyday news every single day so I fairly a lot only keep track of it any more somewhat than interacting. Glad to see anyone else still enjoys running a blog. I use to generate much more somewhat than just doing a backlink up so you&#039ve encouraged me to get back to much more of that. You can obtain me at Peabea&#039s Photography Patch on wordpress or Peabea Scribbles on Blogger. Liked studying your publish. I like the history and header. I&#039ll appear all over much more prior to I go away. Have a great Sunday.

Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

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