Prospect Buyers can auction auction items before hand which can help sellers to set a minimum price below which they will not sell the property. Nowadays auction is taking place for artwork, antiques, secondhand goods, and farm houses, buildings repossessed by banks or government, and stock and commodity exports. There are different types of auction for each category. Jewelery auction are divided into three like 1920 jewelery auction, diamond auction and classic auction. In art there may be modern art auction, renaissance auction and alternative art auction. Likewise even house property auction are divided into commercial auctions, disused home auctions, repossessions, luxury homes auction. The oldest auction was for a bride known as Herodotus, existed in 500 BC, were once in a year females of marriedable age were sold to the highest bidder. But times have changed; Auction takes place through e-commerce or internet, which enables individuals to interact directly with each other electronically. Globalization and market growth is likely to further strengthen this prominence in the twenty-first century.

Home auction is gaining popularity. Most real estate auction houses operate in the following way. Auction houses make a list of the upcoming live auction on their website. Prospective Buyers register online to participate in the auction. Prospective buyers can have a look at the house for inspection on a particular day prior to live auction. Prospective buyers can make an offer on any home prior to the auction date. If the seller accepts, the home is excluded from the live auction. To participate in live auction, prospective buyers must bring earnest money, often a certified check that ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 5000. It is advised that buyers take a home loan upto the maximum amount they wish to bid. Buyers who fail to pay the money will lose their earnest money.

Commercial auctions
Certain developers specialize in buying commercial buildings such as pubs and shops. Commercial auctions help developers to attend only those auctions in which they are interested in.

Disused home auctions
Certain prospective buyers like to buy those type of properties which are in great need of repair. Buyers who are thinking of building a dream house may buy an old, disused home of great size in a good area for a very cheap price.

As mortgager is not able to pay mortgage amount due to rise in interest rates over the last couple of years homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgage amount because of which they lose their home. These properties are sold at rock bottom prices at property auctions so that potential buyers could get themselves a real bargain.

Luxury homes auction
Not only repossessed or disused properties are sold at auction. There are prospective buyers who wish to buy a house at auction that are very expensive. These properties go for an awful lot of money.

According to an association, gross annual revenue from home auction grew nearly 47 percent from 2003 to 2007. Home auctions, are usually web based and live bidding, which takes place when the sellers were not able to find a buyer the traditional way.

Source by Ron Victor