With the recent subprime crisis that triggered in one of the greatest economic crashes of all time, would-be homeowners now are more vigilant whatever to go for the mortgage of just go on renting. With piling bills trying to squeeze in to the payables list, mortgage payments still form part of the top priority of most Americans. Are signs that the American dream is still very much just beyond the river bend?

Here are views of some would-be owners about the American dream

1. According to new Fanny Mae Survey, "more than 6 in 10 say they would buy a house if they were going to move, opposed to 3 in 10 who would rent one." On one hand, this gives a sad picture. Americans, after the crisis, think that they doubt more than ever about safety of houses as an investment. But basically, Americans still dream of owning a home and stopping them from getting to that dream may be futile.

2. Despite the crash, Americans, according to the Fanny Mae Survey, still think that house prices will go up than go down next year. This is in contrast to the projection of banks and housing firms that prices will go down next year.

3. Many Americans think that now is a good time to buy a home. Two in three think that now is a good time to buy a home and 1 out of 3 think that now is a very good time to buy a home.

4. Most Americans think that homeownership is very important to local community according to Fanny Mae. Out of this survey, more than half of respondents think that way.

5. Half of renters plan of having a home in the future. Even with the housing bubble, renters still think that owning a home one day is more than good reason to keep on working rather than keep on "throwing money into the wastebasket."

With the economy still wiggling its way out of the danger zone, who would think that with the recent subprime crisis, Americans never lost hope of owning a home one day. Financial analysts are wary about owning homes and the potential of the housing market in the US. Some experts say that with the way the housing trend is going, the United States might be going from one housing bubble to the next housing bubble, to the next housing bubble, to the next housing bubble. But who knows, hoping for the best is probably better than lost hope, right? And no one can be certain about what miracles can come with hope thinking this long and this strong.

Source by Greg Pierce