How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

Magic? Harry Potter Wand Tricks? Leprechauns?

There is genuinely no uncomplicated respond to to this question. Wireless speakers can get the job done on a variety of technologies, main among the them getting Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth, and these days, even Wi-Fi.

The essential system, however, remains the exact. A wi-fi transmitter is plugged into an audio process this sort of as an iPod, a laptop, a Blu-Ray participant, a Television, and so forth. This transmitter sends a signal to the speakers which, in change, change it into sound. The signal can be transmitted through different distinctive technologies, which we’ll discuss below.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency or RF, is the most common technology utilized in wi-fi speakers. The speakers use a individual unused band of the radio spectrum to transmit knowledge wirelessly. A cordless cellular phone is effective on the exact principle.

RF is a quite effective technology, adaptable and very affordable. It has a good selection, stretching more than one hundred toes in specified models (and more than 300 toes in some outside speakers). There is a good total of knowledge decline which can bring about degradation of the audio signal, resulting in poor good quality playback. Conflicting alerts from other wi-fi products in the dwelling, this sort of as wi-fi routers and cordless telephones can bring about interference, top to knowledge decline and disturbance. All in all, RF, regardless of its popularity, may possibly be phased out in the upcoming few many years as more recent technologies consider its area.


If you acquired a new mobile cellular phone in the previous 2 many years, you would absolutely be acquainted with Bluetooth. As a wi-fi knowledge transfer normal utilized in pretty much each mobile cellular phone, Bluetooth is ubiquitous these days. Through this technology, two Bluetooth enabled products can be related wirelessly in just seconds. The moment a link is recognized, knowledge can be transferred wirelessly at speeds of up to three MB/next.

Technologically, Bluetooth is effective on the radio spectrum as nicely. Rather of working with a solitary band, however, Bluetooth chops up the knowledge and distributes it more than 79 distinctive bands, thereby improving speed and minimizing knowledge decline. These bands selection from 2400 MHz to 2483.five MHz.

Bluetooth has a scaled-down selection than pure RF alerts. On the additionally aspect, because the complete spectrum from 2400-2483.five MHz (79 bands, along with spare guard bands) is allocated for Bluetooth use, there is no interference from other wi-fi products.

One vital problem with Bluetooth is that it just isn’t obtainable in all products. Older telephones, most audio and video players, TVs, and desktop laptop are not outfitted with indigenous Bluetooth. To use a pair of Bluetooth wi-fi speakers with these products, you can have to make investments in a Bluetooth transmitter. Nonetheless, if you largely use a Bluetooth enabled product this sort of as an Iphone or iPod Contact to pay attention to your songs, you can uncover Bluetooth wi-fi speakers to be a capable competitor to RF.


Only a decide on few speakers use Wi-Fi for transmitting knowledge – this sort of as the Sonos Play sequence of speakers. This is the exact plain vanilla Wi-Fi utilized in your residence. It is rapidly and effective and is effective very nicely with digital, Wi-Fi enabled products like desktops and mobile telephones.

Nonetheless, most audio players, TVs, and so forth. are not Wi-Fi enabled. This indicates that a Wi-Fi wi-fi speaker can only enjoy back audio from your laptop or mobile cellular phone. Naturally, this limitations its features and is the sole purpose why wi-fi Wi-Fi speakers haven’t been approved by the mainstream.

Resource by Rita Finley