A single of the most searched areas in bat rolling is how to make a bat rolling machine.

There are many variables that go into creating a bat roller. I will break this write-up out so you can make a n enlightened final decision to whether or not you want to choose on such an endeavor.

Right here are some issues that want to be answered just before you get started a undertaking.

  1. How the machine performs
  2. Sections and Products
  3. Price
  4. Time

How the Equipment Functions:

Right before any of these can be answered you will very first want to decide on what sort of a machine you are searching at.

  1. Perpendicular
    1. The bat is inserted 90 degrees to the rollers and can only roll one way.
  2. Parallel
    1. The bat is inserted from the sides alongside the airplane of the rollers and the entire sweet spot can be rolled at when.

Most parallel machines can roll both of those approaches, but a perpendicular machine can only roll one. Also a perpendicular machine will leave flat places in the bat and not roll the entire sweet spot.

We highly suggest a parallel machine.

The machines function by compressing the carbon fibers and laminates among rollers and then rolling the bat among the rollers. Largely the sweet spot of the bats are the segment you are concentrating on throughout the roll.

Content Record

  1. The Shell
    1. Normally created of metal or aluminum
    2. Holds the guts of the machine
    3. Welded or screwed collectively
  2. Higher Carriage
    1. Holds the higher rollers
    2. Moves up and down
    3. Tolerances are tight
  3. Bearings
    1. Rollers Bearings
    2. Thrust Bearings
    3. Bushings
  4. Shafts
  5. Handles
  6. Rollers
    1. Created of plastic, metal, wood, other
    2. Tolerances are really tight
    3. The centre gap as a result of the roller must be pretty precise
    4. Rollers are machined on a steel lathe


The value of creating a machine can considerably really… but you can determine the minimal will be $two hundred additionally, dependent on your bearings and roller supplies. It will be far more for the state of the artwork plastics that are becoming applied in the far better bat rolling machines.


Building a machine will choose some time as you will have to attract out the design and style and then slice and machine the elements and assemble the bearings and many others.

Base line is this is a undertaking that can be taken on if you are a do it your self individual who has correct equipment and time and some designing awareness. A machining background or a buddy who has just one would aid in this article.

Another viable option is to order a Bat Rolling Equipment instantly from a trustworthy company. Right here are a couple points to seem for when selecting that company.

  1. Reputation
  2. What sort of machines are the giving
  3. Do they have several types to in good shape you specific requires
    1. We suggest parallel machines as they give you the finest of both of those worlds and are not limited to partial break in as the perpendicular machines are.
  4. What plastics are they using in their bat rolling machines

You want to stay away from a plastic identified as Acetal with a trade identify of Delrin. It is genuinely challenging and has zero forgiveness.

Resource by Dave Manly