Debe Maxwell, CRS “if you do host them, Yes, your primary purpose is to procure a consumer for your vendor. Nonetheless, what harm is it in procuring a few purchasers for by yourself if those similar purchasers really are not candidates for your seller’s dwelling?”It really is scarce for us to see factors in different ways than our close friend Debe here in the ‘Rain – but we DO NOT do open up residences as in this spot they generally and overwhelmingly gain the AGENT and not the Seller.  Many Sellers do not want them at all.  We will not personally host them for our listings as we won’t signify each the Seller and the Consumer (Single Agent Twin Agency) – but will organize for a further agent at our brokerage to host them if the Seller wants them – their choice.  That stated – Debe’s article is:Correct on target – and – re-blog!
“I Don’t Do Open up Residences!”
“…but, if I were to be executing them, I would not be making an attempt to get purchasers – I would be functioning to get MY seller’s dwelling marketed!”
So, which is it?  Do you operate for your sellers to get their residences marketed or not?
Continuously, I have heard other agents, literally boasting, that they will not do open up residences. Later on, when the topic of conversations turns to concentration on those who DO host open up residences and how they sign-up purchasers, some of those similar ‘I-will not-do-open up-residences-agents’ say that agents who DO, should’t keep a registration log. NOR should they try out to land new purchasers – they’re only wanting for that one particular consumer for the vendor. SAY WHAT?
To me, if you ARE representing your sellers, you DO host open up residences – specifically in spots the place they are Recognized to be efficient. And, if you do host them, Yes, your primary purpose is to procure a consumer for your vendor. Nonetheless, what harm is it in procuring a few purchasers for by yourself if those similar purchasers really are not candidates for your seller’s dwelling?
Also, what harm is remaining completed by having purchasers sign-up? It really is the fantastic chance for you, as the listing agent, to comply with up with opportunity purchasers or their agents, with regards to the listing you are making an attempt to Offer.
I can guarantee you, there is NO harm in having purchasers who tour your open residences to sign-up – none in any respect. In truth, that is how a ton of new agents procure their initial purchasers – by internet hosting open up residences. Some sellers genuinely do want an open up house – they established the stage for the perfect open up and hope and pray that their consumer comes by means of. If not, and the agent internet hosting the open up, happens to wind up functioning with a few of the purchasers, the sellers could care much less – genuinely.
No harm, no fowl!  And, will not enable any person inform you any in different ways!

So, if you are new to the business enterprise, will not be discouraged by agents who discuss out of each sides of their mouths. You procure those purchasers (and you might even have one particular for your vendor way too) and you sign-up them the greatest way you know how!
And, if you are an experienced agent who claims to signify your sellers but, will not feel open up residences are effective or possibly you’re too fantastic or way too lazy to host open up residences, will not try out to discourage others from executing them.
If an agent internet hosting an open up house garners very little but, purchasers from their open up house, well, at least they have revealed they’re executing all the things they can to market their listings and they have made their sellers pleased by Internet hosting A single!
And, of course, I do host open up residences – my group hosts most of them but, I’ve hosted additional than I can try to remember and if my sellers request that we host open up residences, by all usually means, WE DO!
And, Yes, I have one particular underneath Agreement appropriate now that we procured the consumer During an Open up House!
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