What transpired to Jesus in Jerusalem?
For Christians, Jerusalem’s place in the everyday living of Jesus gives it good worth, in addition to its place in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible.
Jerusalem is the place wherever Jesus was brought as a boy or girl, to be ‘presented’ at the Temple (Luke 2:22) and to attend festivals (Luke 2:forty one). According to the Gospels, Jesus preached and healed in Jerusalem, in particular in the Temple courts. There is also an account of Jesus’ ‘cleansing’ of the Temple, chasing many traders out of the sacred precincts (Mark eleven:15). At the conclusion of each and every of the Gospels, there are accounts of Jesus’ Final Supper in an ‘upper room’ in Jerusalem, his arrest in Gethsemane, his trial, his crucifixion at Golgotha, his burial nearby and his resurrection and ascension.

Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

by Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, O.P.
Jesus paid out his to start with stop by to Jerusalem in the arms of his mother when he was a thirty day period old (Luke 2:22). It was to be twelve decades right before he visited again, this time as a Galilean pilgrim (Luke 2:42).
The exhaustion of the four- or five-day stroll from Nazareth would have fallen from him when he reached the summit of the Mount of Olives and looked down upon the town. Its power and elegance would have swept apart all thoughts preserve question and huge delight.
When Jesus to start with observed it that spring day, Jerusalem experienced been a Jewish town for a thousand decades, through which it experienced been laid waste a lot of situations. The very last experienced been the summer months of 37 B.C. when the catapults of Herod the Wonderful and his Roman allies experienced pounded the town for fifty five steady days. Just after acquiring broken as a result of the two north partitions, the troops murdered and pillaged at will. Herod uncovered himself with a cash of ruined structures and a decimated population.
Herod’s Palatial Home
Some 40 decades later on, from the Mount of Olives, Jesus’ eye would have been to start with caught by the splendor of the Temple just on the other aspect of the Kidron valley its impressive mass balanced on the far aspect of the town by the a few good towers of the royal palace. These dominant constructions sat on hills divided by the Tyropoean (Cheesemakers) valley on whose slopes have been far more houses than Jesus experienced at any time viewed. The total was surrounded by a significant wall with towers at common intervals. The town into which Jesus walked was Herod’s accomplishment.
Thoroughly mindful that he experienced quite few good friends, Herod’s main concern was his very own stability. His to start with monumental setting up was the fortress Antonia, named for his close friend Mark Antony, at the northwest corner of the Temple. It is described by the Jewish historian Josephus, an eyewitness, as acquiring four towers, that on the southeast corner being thirty feet increased than the other people (War five.238-forty six). Almost nothing remains now besides a area of the twelve-foot-thick south wall.
Just after Rome assumed direct management in A.D. six, it was garrisoned by Roman troops. They have been preparing to interrogate Paul below torture there right before he revealed his Roman citizenship (Functions 22:22-29).
These types of troopers, or their predecessors below Pompey in sixty three B.C., have been most likely responsible for the pagan healing sanctuary that has been excavated in the grounds of St. Anne’s Church. In the to start with century it was outside the partitions of Jerusalem. There Jesus healed a man who experienced been unwell for 38 decades (John five:2-nine).
No quicker was the Antonia nearing completion than Herod initiated an even far more grandiose job, a new palace at the maximum point of the town, right now the place just south of Jaffa Gate. Terms are unsuccessful Josephus as he attempts to explain its wonders (War five.161-181). What struck him, as it did every customer, have been the a few good towers named Hippicus for Herod’s close friend, Miriamme for his murdered spouse, and Phasael for his brother. At first the tower was a hundred and fifty feet significant, better than the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which was one of the seven wonders of the historical globe.
This palace was Pontius Pilate’s residence when he came to Jerusalem, and it was here that Jesus was condemned to be crucified (John 19:thirteen). Jesus would have viewed the good blind stones of the strong base of Phasael (which however survives) towering higher than him as he commenced the way of the cross, which brought him out as a result of the Gennath Gate to Golgotha.
These types of investment decision in development brought prosperity. To be certain that his supporters experienced the indicates to love themselves, Herod crafted a theatre just outside the town to the south and a hippodrome or amphitheatre whose area is unidentified. The video games they hosted experienced all the trappings of pagan festivals and, in consequence, gave good offense to pious Jews. These, on the other hand, have been too significant a constituency to be ignored. To placate them Herod presented to rebuild the much-repaired temple. His options have been so grandiose that he experienced to confirm he experienced the funds and product in hand right before the religious authorities permitted him to get started perform, most likely in 23 B.C.
The Temple
The initial temple place was a square—812 feet to a aspect. In the 2nd century B.C. the Maccabees prolonged it to the south in order to ideal the small eminence on which the hated Syrian Akra experienced stood (one Mc one:33 thirteen:forty nine-fifty three). Herod enlarged this place on a few sides (north, west and south) developing an huge system whose sides calculated 1035 (N) x 1536 (E) x 912 (S) x 1590 (W) feet.
Considering that he experienced to make out above a few slopes, this included gigantic retaining partitions to keep the fill inside. A lot of of the massive stones are however visible on the south and in the tunnel together the western wall.
There have been two gates on the south, four on the west facilitating entry from the centre of the town, and one on the north, by which animals have been brought in from the countryside for sacrifice this was the Sheep Gate of John five:2.
We know from the in-depth description of Josephus that outstanding cloisters ran about the north, west and east sides (War five.184-225). In these the academics sat with their pupils. Just one winter’s day Jesus walked with his disciples in the eastern cloister named Solomon’s Portico (John 10:23). Later on the apostles preached there (Functions three:eleven five:twelve).
The place of a cloister together the south wall was taken by the Royal Portico, so named from its majestic proportions. Columns 50 feet significant divided it into a few aisles. Each and every was thirty feet vast, and the centre aisle was two times as significant as the lateral aisles. A great deal of the industrial business of the town took place here. This is most likely wherever the funds changers experienced their tables. No question that Jesus reacted as he did (John 2:thirteen-16).
The limitations of the initial square Temple have been marked by a midsection-significant wall at each and every of whose gates was a observe forbidding entrance below ache of dying to all non-Jews. Pagans experienced entry only to the Courtroom of the Gentiles, the northern and southern components of which have been connected by a narrow passage together the west aspect.
All the particularly religious structures have been inside the square. Entered from the east there have been successive courtyards of increasing holiness—women, Israel, priests—and then, inside a setting up, the sanctuary (Luke one:nine) and, eventually, the holy of holies.
The facade of the sanctuary was covered with gold. In its place of a doorway there was a curtain embroidered with blue, scarlet and purple. This was the veil that was torn in two at the dying of Jesus (Mark 15:38). The response to these elegance was lyricism. For Josephus the sanctuary appeared like “a snow-clad mountain, for all that was not overlaid with gold was of purest white” (War five.223).

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