Junk build intervalometer

What to do when you want a time lapse regulate:

Buy a appropriate unit? – Nah, even a Chinese designed a person at considerably less than twenty quid on fleabay was a lot more than I desired to pay back(!)

Buy a Canon and hack it truly is firmware? – I never even want to buy a timer remote why would I shell out for a Canon digital camera(?!)

Sit down with a cable release and manually push it? – You’re joking right?(?)

So I came throughout this microchip PIC circuit on the world-wide-web, TimeLapse, and it seemed just right. No Lcd to consider and uncover, no intricate create with superfluous ‘features’, just a great very simple unit and very simple suggests I stood a far better opportunity of getting the junk sections for it 🙂

Alright, I am going to have to confess, it truly is not all junk – the PIC chip was in my stock, (and I recall paying out a little something like 50 pence for it a while back now), and a little bit of veroboard.

So what we conversing? 50 odd pence? Sure! That’ll do me Tommy!

A few pieces on the fellas initial structure, and I like him even a lot more after examining a person of his vids and listening to him pronounce ‘camera’ the very same way I do! -) wanted some changing consequently the opto-couplers on the digital camera output connections. The multivibrator for the piezo speaker was in all probability superfluous, (could’ve been carried out with the PIC), but why not as it only requirements a PIC output to sound and one more to improve the tone, (I enjoy the little “Alright” significant/lower tone beep!) Besides, I never recall building a multivibrator the previous fashioned way for some several years now and strangely discovered it enjoyable.

Couldn’t I have designed my very own circuit? Yeah, in all probability but not with the previous Velleman K8048 kit I have, (what transpired to RS232 ports?! There wasn’t a person on the new Computer!) As well as why re-invent the wheel? This little circuit is near to fantastic for me 🙂
(Some of you may perhaps be wondering how I bought my previous Velleman RS232 programmer to operate on USB. A prolific 232 cable, WinPic and a bit of know how, that’s how. Not fantastic but works! If any of you have a junk PIC-Kit programmer you happen to be sticking in the bin, let me know….)

So actually very simple, (Alright, comparatively very simple), expense up coming to almost nothing and works wonderful.
Small foibles? Not actually, very simple a person button programming and it is wonderful to listen to that little “Alright” beep. The shutter LED blinks nicely as it fires the digital camera and it opens the ‘focus’ line to start with for 100ms providing the digital camera opportunity to ‘wake’ all through extensive intervals, (programmable from one second to some eighteen several hours with this little beast!) Worked out relatively smaller for the last create and these little AG12 batteries should really past a while however.

So many thanks to the dude that posted this up on the world-wide-web, (superior to uncover this type of sharing things!), couldn’t uncover his identify but I am absolutely sure to thank a stranger as significantly as a pal 🙂
Edit: Located the dude on Instructables. So many thanks once again Andrew!
If you create a person, ship him a many thanks, little matters like that go a extensive way 🙂

What’s up coming? Pulling my previous Fui S5700 apart to tricky wire a cable release socket to it. Appears to be like there is certainly a few of spare connectors on it truly is usb port so could as effectively wire it up to that -)
Edit: Finished! Just bought to figure out where by all these little screws go back now – wibble!

Posted by Victor W. on 2011-05-22 seventeen:45:08

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