A single wonders why bananas and monkeys have been affiliated, especially in cartoons. How did this occur?

My just take on this is that it transpired as a consequence of colonialism.

The United States of The usa purchased the Philippine Archipelago from Spain for $twenty,000 and occupied it for fifty years. In the commencing of the occupation, there was resistance on the part of the Filipinos. There ended up numerous fierce fights concerning the “insurrectos” and the American troopers ensuing in the demise of countless numbers on both equally sides of the combatants. Civilians ended up also killed.

Certainly and logically, the colonizer feels remarkable to the colonized. Us residents looked down on Filipinos. Some troopers even referred to as the Filipinos monkeys with no tails. And they sang music with terms like “…in Zamboanga the monkeys have no tails.”

Filipinos appreciate bananas. Then and now a single of the principal agricultural items is banana. So, Us residents observed Filipinos usually taking in and having fun with numerous varieties of banana.

Yes, monkeys appreciate bananas, also. But their principal food plan in the jungle, their all-natural habitat, is not a banana. Bananas do not increase underneath the trees and in the thick of wild growth. They increase in open and sunny areas. Filipinos planted bananas in their yard. Monkeys thrived on insects and fruits other than banana. The pet monkeys in captivity, of course, ended up served bananas considering the fact that bananas ended up ample in the Philippines. Some Us residents did enterprise by exporting monkeys to the U.S. for experimentation in laboratories. They fed the monkeys with bananas.

Cartoonists normally drew monkeys taking in bananas.

Supply by Gracianus Reyes