Debbie Reynolds “Knowledge, negotiating tools: This one is priceless and can only be gained through lots of practice, study and experience.”Right on target – and – re-blog!
Full Service Is My Business Model
Though many agents offer a menu of services in their businesses, I do not. I am a full service agent and feel like it is a disservice to my clients to withhold any of the my services and the value and benefits they provide to my sellers. I consider myself an orchestrator in charge and keeping the process moving forward for the most positive results.Preparing for the sale: This is vital in reading the client’s commitment to getting the home ready and how quickly they want to sell. I evaluate the property and help with determining which repairs and what staging is needed. Many times it takes weeks for a seller to be ready to go on the market.
Pricing and market placement: My price evaluation includes analyzing the house in relationship to similar houses, the neighborhood and the overall market. I know what is happening and can share reasons as to why and where I see it moving during the marketing period.
Engaging the seller: A must to getting a property sold is getting the seller on the team. We spend lots of time on this topic and how the seller is an integral part in the sale. We go step by step.
Marketing tools: Photos, videos, social media placement, open houses, networking are all part of my marketing approach. No two houses are identical therefore no two marketing plans are exact.
Knowledge, negotiating tools: This one is priceless and can only be gained through lots of practice, study and experience. You have to know people and the market to maximize and leverage your negotiation tools.
Relationships/strategies: From the very beginning to the closing table, having connections and knowing the go-to people to get the job done is critical. I stress how relationships make the difference whether it is with other agents, lenders, appraisers, repair vendors or title companies. It all is for the benefit of the seller.The bottom line is that it is me that knows and orchestrates all the instruments to make beautiful music for the seller.
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