Jan Green “Just yesterday at a listing appointment, a potential seller told me I will get her listing because I asked what was important to her first. “Once again demonstrating the critical importance of “listening” – well done!Right on target – and – re-blog!
Most of us in real estate work to separate ourselves from others by offering unique items for our “Value Proposition.”   To stand out from others might include extra services or it might just be the person that we are and how we relate to others.  My methods are similar but there are some differences, maybe, from others.  At least that’s how I see it.
First and foremost is the initial interview with the sellers to determine their needs.  Just yesterday at a listing appointment, a potential seller told me I will get her listing because I asked what was important to her first.  By understanding her motivations and what is most important to her, my marketing plan became more targeted, along with pricing considerations.
The next step is to share the competition. A seller needs to know what they are up against and to be mindful of what buyers might see in other similar homes in the area.  By understanding the other homes currently listed for sale and seeing them in person, a seller can make a better decision for his/her list price.
Providing key data reports to home sellers may come from a variety of sources including the MLS, Realtor Property Resource, The Cromford Report and others.  With the right data, a seller can arm themselves with the knowledge to make better decisions and help effect a quicker sale.
Followed by the laundry list of what I “Will do for them” in their listing that always includes high resolution photos, but the rest depends on the home, the sellers and the price point.  After all, not every listing needs to include drone photography.
It’s not always easy for a seller to let go of their personal belongings by downsizing.  Downsizing is a personal detachment of items that have been handed down year after year from one generation to the next or recevied as gifts.
I’ve often found it helpful to show a seller more than one home for sale during this process to help with listing photos, staging, and generally boxing up collections so they are already packed.  Sometimes packing those items helps a seller to realize that maybe they don’t need those collections after all.
My value proposition comes with my age.  I’ve been through most everything, personally that a seller might consider and can relate to how difficult it can be to eliminate items, change a home to sell it, or just plain letting go.   My value proposition takes on many considerations, and it all depends on the seller, the home, and their motivation.
This post is part of the September Challenge – my Value proposition.

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