Barbara Todaro “The quickest way to find your first lead is through people who know people…Go where people know you, and let them know what you do for a living….“ASK FOR THE BUSINESS.””Right on target – and – re-blog!

We all start at the beginning in the real estate business.  No newly licensed agent begins week #1 at the top of the charts! How does a new agent climb that ladder?
One rung at a time is the answer to that question. The first rung on the ladder is the easiest and most important one. It’s the rung that will determine if you ever make it to rung #2. It’s that moment in time that will make or break your speed to the next series of rungs.
It’s the time that you devote to creating a short term plan.  Short term is all you need at rung #1. Don’t attempt a 5 year business plan. You have no business!! Your short term focus is to secure business as quickly as possible.  The emphasis is on “quickly.”
The quickest way to find your first lead is through people who know people. This is one reason it’s always recommended to begin your career in your hometown, if you are still living locally.  Go where people know you, and let them know what you do for a living.
The next step, after that profound conversation about what you do for a living and where you do it, is to “ASK FOR THE BUSINESS.”  The manner in which you ask will depend on your relationship with the contact person.  Someone who you’ve known for years would be a one liner of “help me start my career, and set me up with a listing.”
That was my favorite line.  Just thought I’d share it. It worked well, and the first listing is a test that needs to be passed with flying colors. That first notch allowed more notches.  The more notches on the “listing board,” the more rungs under your feet on that ladder.
Once you have your first listing, you’re officially a listing agent. We learn every day, and each listing is a different piece of business because every homeowner is a different personality and financial status.
Climb quickly, securely and learn as you go. Enjoy the run and try not to slip!!!
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