Steam showers are nothing but a combination of showers and steam rooms. While visiting a spa or a high class hotel you must have experienced the various advantages of steam showers. But sometimes it becomes pretty hectic to go to the sauna or spa in order to get relaxed and rejuvenated. The spas at the same time charge quite high for the treatments they offer. With a nice and well equipped steam shower at home you can now enjoy all the luxury of a sauna and spa without sacrificing the comfort of your home.

The installation of steam showers is gaining huge popularity among the house owners. If you want to have a residential steam shower for your bathroom you can purchase one from the well known companies and their online stores as well. The steam showers come in various shapes and sizes. Considering all your requirements and other necessary factors you can easily choose your steam shower and get it installed at your home.

The high end modular steam showers are often pretty expensive. If you have a shower in your bathroom you can easily remodel it and get your steam shower ready for a minimal cost. You have to add a steam generator to your ordinary shower in order to transform it into a fantastic steam shower. Digital controls will be needed for activating the system. Once the generator gets filled with cold water it will bring the water to boil and as you turn on the shower it will release steam instead of water.

Steam showers must be placed in enclosed areas so that the steam can not escape. If you are installing a built-in steam shower you should first choose the best area of your bathroom where you can conveniently place the unit. If you are remodeling your existing shower room into a steam shower enclosure make sure that the area is fully covered and has an access to electrical supply.

Before installing a steam shower in your bathroom you should first check whether the bathroom is prepared for the unit. The ceiling and the walls of the room must be water and heat resistant. Wallpaper, paint and wood can not stand the high heat and moisture. Ceramic tiles and stones are ideal for steam showers. Whether you install a corner steam shower or a stand alone unit in your bathroom, make it sure that the bathroom floor is made of material that offers enough grip in order to avoid slipping. According to the experts for steam showers the ideal height of the bathroom ceiling should be not more than 8 ft.

The top class modular residential steam showers come with features like aromatherapy, foot massager, waterproof speakers, radio and MP3 player. With a fully equipped steam shower unit installed at your home you can relax and release all your stresses at the end of a tiring day.

For installing a high quality steam shower you must consult the professionals who will provide you with best guidelines. Look for well recognized companies who sell nicely designed steam showers at affordable prices and choose the best model for your home.

Source by Michael Taylor