Large dogs are often neglected when it comes to pet clothing and dog coats. This is mainly because of their big and thick bodies which at most times can endure cold weather. But when the winds are cold and the temperature drops to an all-time low, it is important for these dogs to have added protection that will keep them warm and comfortable because they too can get cold.

One good way to protect large breeds of dogs like the Labrador and even the feisty Doberman is by buying coats for them especially during winter. There are several coats that they can use which are available in many pet stores both online and in local markets in downtown areas. These coats come in nice designs and are often made out of quality materials that would ensure warmth and comfort during the colds days of winter. Two of the best examples of these dog coats that large breed of dogs can wear are the classic fleece dog coat and the rustic corduroy dog ​​coat.

The classic fleece dog coat is made out of fleece in its outer and inner layer which provides a cozy, warm, and comfortable feeling for your large dog during cold months. Then what is best about this coat is that it actually has a thermal core which helps in making your pet's body warm. Not only that, but it also has security features like a trim that is reflective which makes your dog visible at night or during foggy days. Then a Velcro strap is attached to the belly and neck areas which secures a perfect fit. This dog coat is also washing machine friendly and is available in blue and chive colors.

The rustic corduroy dog ​​coat on the other hand is another nice coat that can be worn by large breeds of dogs. This coat is made out of a tough kind of corduroy fabric which is perfect for those active large dogs. Then the inner layer of this coat has a fleece lining that provides added warmth and comfort including a berber trim. Then what completes the look of this rustic coat is its two pockets that are located at the back. Lastly, this coat has a brown color and can easily be machined wash.

These two dog coats are among the best designed coats that you can get for your dog that comes from the large breed.

Source by Praline Ramirez