Raven Dance

Anything photographed and edited by myself.

Making is so enjoyment. Your emotions, inner thoughts, ideas, knowledge, are all combined all collectively, as anything seems from the shadow: it is like placing a part of oneself in an item that will not age, that will see you getting older and die. This time, I laterally tried using to put equally my wife’s and my overall body on the canvas, arranging them into a winged illusion.

In purchase to layout it, I analyzed various pictures of ravens, then used a wooden miniature design in purchase to see what positions would work the best. After established, I photographed us in my home studio accordingly: of course, due to the fact we are no dancers, a few factors had to be altered in post-processing, but I created certain to keep it humanly doable. The head of the raven was a bit tough: the wooden miniature had no hair so it was not easy to foresee the consequence right before striving out even so I believe her ear as the bird’s eye and her hair as its beak work properly. Finally, there was also a complete moon this week, so I took advantage of it and photographed it for the track record.

Hope you like it!

Posted by Christophe Kiciak on 2014-05-19 05:28:fifteen

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