It is not all bad to be a 'nice guy.' Sometimes it can feel wonderful when you have beautiful girls around you, going to parties with them, talking to them for hours and enjoying their beautiful faces (sometimes wondering how far you are kissing them), receiving some compliments and becoming exhilarated.

Hearing all about her life, and also about all the guys she's dated and is dating … giving her gifts and hoping for something in return. Hoping, hoping … going home alone, still hoping. Not getting close to kissing her, not even close.

I mean, you can look at that in a positive way, right? At least you're in the company of a beautiful girl, right?

Yes, and I sometimes think I am Brad Pitt and get all the women. STOP DELUDING YOURSELF. NO MORE NICE GUY!

Is this really the kind of life you want? Do you really feel satisfied when you have not even kissed a girl, not to mention anything sexual at all?

It sucks. I know how it feels. I've wanted beautiful girls from afar. I've wanted them up close when they're friends of mine. But being a nice guy, I never got beyond having sweet dreams and fantasies about them.

There is a different way. You can discover an endless source of complete POWER within yourself that was hidden there all the time. I believe that we men come born with a pre-programmed set of systems that enable us to get sexually involved with any women we desire.

But this mechanism gets ruined by life in our society. We are made to feel shame over our sexual desires, made to feel ashamed about taking what you want. Instead we have this elaborately orchestrated system of "politeness" where you're not allowed to say what you mean.

Well, guess what. Women are attracted to men that can create SEXUAL emotions and sexual tension within them. Politeness just will not do. You have to be willing to be unbelievably crass sometimes. Not always – in some cases it can ruin everything. But you still have to let your wishes be shown.

The problem with us nice guys is that we are not sexual. Women CRAVE men that have a sexual energy. But Fortunately, you can learn how to release this side of you without sacrificing your personality or becoming shallow. You can learn to open up the sexual side of you and have women take notice.

Source by Joshua Egidio