Additional than an equestrian getaway, horseback driving in the Futaleufu Valley is a way of daily life. Driving with us you are immersed in the equestrian lifestyle and elegance of Patagonia Chile. Most of our horseback rides in Patagonia adhere to the ‘huaso senderos’ – the cowboy trails. This is an comprehensive network of trails, dust streets, and swinging bridges employed by locals on horseback, oxcart and by foot. These trails go by way of the impressive isolated river valley of the Futaleufu and its tributaries. These trails guide us again in time, to a more simple way of daily life, by way of nearby settlements and quaint rural residences. We provide day rides that return to a your accommodations each individual night time. We also provide four-seven day Chile Horseback trail driving expeditions for those on the lookout for a much more difficult equestrian getaway that can take you to a diverse destination each individual day.

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