Kathy Streib “Hire a professional real estate photographer. This is not the time to save pennies. Someone who is a professional at taking MLS photos will see things that could be distracting in a photograph but be acceptable when viewing a room in person.”Right on target – and – re-blog!
Show Ready and Camera Ready Can Be Very Different.
My good friend and stager, Sharon Tara, recently wrote an excellent post about the importance of your MLS photos in attracting potential buyers.
She offered advice-that your curb appeal begins with your listing photographs-that every seller should take seriously.
However being show ready and photo ready are a bit different and it’s important that you understand the difference.
On Home Staging consultations I talk to my sellers about how important it is that their property is show ready for each buyer and agent who walk through the door.
This includes making sure that all rooms are picked up…dirty dishes put away, laundry out of sight, trash taken out, counters wiped down, bathrooms cleaned, lights on, beds made, and you are gone!
(This is after you’ve taken care of all of the other items your home stager suggested such as painting, updating, repairing, and repositioning items so that your buyer can see the possibilities of your house.)
Cameras see rooms through their own “eyes.” And because your MLS photos are today’s Curb Appeal, it is imperative that you step behind the camera yourself.
No, I’m not saying that you should be the one to take your own listing photos. However, you need to see what the camera will see. You need to make sure that this is what you want your buyers to see as well.

What you can do…
1. After you’ve followed the suggestions of your stager and agent, go to each room and take a photo of it.
Upload your pictures to your computer and take a look at them.
View them through the eyes of a potential buyer.
If something stands out or distracts you, you need to address it.
2. Hire a professional real estate photographer.
This is not the time to save pennies.
Someone who is a professional at taking MLS photos will see things that could be distracting in a photograph but be acceptable when viewing a room in person.
(True personal story…years ago prior to becoming a stager, our house was “getting ready” for its photo shoot and MLS appointment. The professional photographer our agent hired saw that removing the paper towel holder from the countertop made a big difference in how the photo would look.
Once he showed us the difference, it was easy to see. We had to see it through the eyes of the camera!)
When you make the decision to sell your house, why not do everything you can to put your best foot forward and maximize the investment you have in your property?

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