Spring returns to Fife

Well, blow me down with a flat iron (to use one of my late mother’s expressions): who could have foreseen that 36 years, on the nose, after taking this photograph I’d be "uploading" it to the "internet" for the world’s delectation and improvement. Yes, on Tuesday 16th May 1978 I was snapping away at Kirkcaldy Bus Station, in this case at one of Alexander Fife’s ageing Bristol FS Lodekkas, its roof panels doubtlessly ticking and clicking with the stresses of expansion in the spring sunshine. The interior would have been nicely "fragranced" with the aroma of sun-warmed, dust-cured moquette, mellowed for fourteen summers.
The season, I have found, is a week or two behind southern England. In June I have seen hawthorn in full flower; in England it is "May blossom". To me, the new style Lodekka grille never looked quite right on rear-entrance versions of the chassis …probably because this combination didn’t exist in my "home" fleet. The squarer front profile of the forward-entrance Lodekka was a more felicitous pairing with the re-designed grille.

Posted by Fray Bentos on 2014-05-16 11:42:47

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