Stone Washed

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This handcrafted blue aventurine pendant is established swirling and shaping silver toned copper wire by hand, adding sodalite chips, Swarovski Crystals and a leaf attraction to increase the all-natural elegance and form of the stone. Use this one particular-of-a-variety pendant with your favored stone washed denims.

It measures one one/two” across and two one/two” top to suggestion like the bail.

The bail is designed to be huge enough to accommodate your favored chain, choker or twine. Chain not provided.

All buys are properly packaged in a present box.

Blue Aventurine’s therapeutic results:
Spiritually- Imperturbability
Subconsciously- Calms, relaxes
Mentally- Helps approach exciting assignments calmly
Bodily- Alleviates discomfort and stiffness, has a cooling effect and minimizes fever

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