Everyone dreams each night, having about one dream every 90 minutes. Those who tell you they never dream, just do not remember their dreams. Sleep researchers say dreams can not be recalled unless you wake up immediately after or during the dream. Dreams can reveal secret desires and subconscious feelings. A dreaming mind has access to information not readily available when you're awake. They can bring about increased knowledge about your self as well as self awareness and healing. Here are some tips on how you can better remember those happy dreams.

You should be able to recall at least one dream per night. They also enhance the perception of how we view ourselves through being a source of inspiration, wisdom, and joy. Dreams can help you come to term with stressful aspects of your life. They can help you express yourself and confront your feelings better. Make sure you get enough sleep (at least eight hours) so that dream periods will be longer and closer together as the night goes on. The first dream is the shortest, being only about 10 minutes and they get longer the more you sleep.

If you dream, then proceed to other stages of the sleep cycle, the likelihood of remembering your dreams decreases. As your lying in bed, make a conscious decision to try to remember your dreams for the night. Silently say to yourself, "I wish to wake up and remember my dreams." Then set an alarm clock for about 4-7 hours after you fall asleep to help you wake up. Also, tell yourself to have interesting and memorable dreams. A major cause of forgetting dreams is other thoughts or interruptions when you first wake up. Make your first thought be "What did I dream last night?"

Try keeping a journal near your bed to keep a record of every aspect of any dream you may remember. Even one word thoughts or fragments that do not make total sense are better than nothing. Then look up those words in a dream dictionary online to find out the possible meanings. You will be surprised to find their hidden meanings! It may take a few tries, but with a little persistence you will have a journal full of vivid memories.

Source by Lyla Feldman