Looking for a way to add charm to your wedding ceremony? Consider borrowing an idea from English wedding tradition and have a bridal party featuring all children. Learn how to bring this delightful custom to life in your own wedding ceremony.

When Princess Catherine wed Prince William, she broke with English custom by having her sister Pippa as her maid of honor. In England, most brides are accompanied only by children, and the more the better. There is just something so precious about a bevy of little flower girls all dressed in white surrounding the bride in her white gown and pearl bridal jewelry. It would be a wonderful idea for a bride who has a lot of nieces or little sisters. An all-child bridal party could also be a useful way to avoid picking and choosing between your adult female friends or dealing with bridesmaids who do not get along with each other.

A big group of little girls will look especially sweet if they are all dressed in white. Classic white girls’ dresses are preferable to miniature bridal gowns scaled down to children’s sizes. One thing that is nice about having them all in white is that they don’t need to wear the exact same dress style. If you have flower girls ranging in age from two to nine years old, it would be very sensible to allow them to wear dresses that suit their age (and taste, for the older girls). Set a few general guidelines, such as organza and knee length or satin and tea length so the flower girls all have the same basic look.

In British weddings, the bride usually walks down the aisle with her father first, with all of the little children following in her wake. It’s really quite adorable, and if you have a gown with a very long train, you can have a pair of page boys behind you to keep it in order. Some American brides might like walking before their bridal party, as all eyes will be upon them in their fabulous wedding dress and elegant bridal jewelry. It might be more comfortable for the flower girls too; without bridesmaids walking in front of them, being the one to lead the processional might be a bit intimidating for a young child.

If you prefer, you can follow the American form, and have your flower girls walk down the aisle before you. That order works especially well if your little ones will be tossing petals in your path. For bridal parties with a lot of flower girls, let the children walk together, rather than in a row one at a time. It will be easier to orchestrate (kids are notoriously difficult to choreograph!), and the older ones can hold the hands of the smallest girls. For a very special touch, have each flower girl carry a single rose. When the bride arrives at the altar, each child hands her their rose, which the bride then holds as a loose bouquet. It is an absolutely charming detail for a wedding ceremony.

There is something so delightful about a bridal party made up of little girls (and boys, if you would like a ring bearer and pages). This classic British wedding custom is easily adapted for an American wedding. So why not skip the bridesmaids and march down the aisle with a sweet group of flower girls instead?

Source by Bridget Mora