The Upper Kaghan Valley, Mansera, Pakistan - June 2009

The Kaghan Valley (Urdu: وادی کاغان) is a valley in the north-east of Mansehra District of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It attracts a lot of visitors from close to the country. The inhabitants were being afflicted by the earthquake disaster on eight Oct 2005.
The Kaghan valley is named soon after the city of Kaghan instead than for the Kunhar River which flows by way of the size of the valley. The valley extends one hundred fifty five km, growing from an elevation of two,134 ft (650 m) to its optimum stage, the Babusar Pass, at 13,690 ft (four,one hundred seventy m). Popular languages are Hindko and Gojri, though Urdu, Pakistan’s national language is also familiar between the locals. The area is Alpine in geography and weather, with forests and meadows dominating the landscape below peaks that access about seventeen,000 ft.
Its mountains, dales, lakes, h2o-falls, streams and glaciers are continue to in a pristine condition. Kaghan is at its ideal through summertime (from May to September). In May the temperature ranges in between a highest of 11 °C (fifty two °F) and a minimum of 3 °C (37 °F). From the center of July up to the stop of September the road outside of Naran is open correct up to Babusar Pass. Movement is restricted through the monsoon and winter season seasons. The Kaghan area can attained by road by using the towns of Balakot, Abbottabad and Mansehra. In Balakot, a person may well discover buses and other transports to access Kaghan or Naran.
The road from Balakot ascends together the Kunhar River by way of pretty forests and the villages of Paras, Shinu, Jared and Mahandri. The valley is relatively slim together this stretch and the views are confined but as you ascend, the bordering peaks arrive into see. One spot that is fairly renowned for its stunning see and landscapes is ‘Shogran’. This village, surrounded by peaks and forests, is east of the key Kunhar River. It hosts the renowned Siri Payee Lake mountain with amazing views at its best.
Kaghan Valley is household to a lot of a tourist points of interest, primarily its lakes. There are more than a dozen significant and smaller lakes in the valley, but 3 are more popular between the visitors: Saiful Muluk Lake, Dudipatsar Lake and Lulusar Lake.
Saiful Muluk, named in a folktale—the Qissa Saiful Muluk—about a romance in between a Persia prince and a fairy princess. In the folktale. The lake is pointed out as the meeting website of the fans in the folktale. lake Saiful Muluk is 10,578 ft (3,224 m) earlier mentioned the sea stage, it is a person of the optimum and most lovely lakes in Pakistan. The h2o of this about a mile in diameter oval formed lake is spectacularly very clear with a slight inexperienced tone..
It is accessible by a motor-able road through the summertime months or can be attained by monitoring from the closest village Naran, some 10 kilometers away in 4 to 5 hrs. The clarity of the h2o will come from the a number of glaciers all close to the significant basin feeding the lake.
Dudipat Lake is enclosed with significant peaks. It is a person of the toughest destinations to access in the valley, demanding a tricky hike lasting 4 to seven hrs. The hike is fulfilling, as visitors are greeted with inexperienced pastures and the lake’s blue-inexperienced waters.
Lulusar Lake is close to forty eight kilometers away from Naran and has an altitude of 10,910 ft (3,330 m). Surrounded by wildflowers in just about all hues imaginable, this lake is the key source for the Kunhar River. Lake Lulusar is mentioned to be a person of the most tranquil places on the Kaghan Valley, the lake is fenced by snow capped mountains whose graphic is reflected on the standstill blue-inexperienced waters of this close to 3 kilometers prolonged “L” formed lake. Jared is a really lovely village with getting specific attraction for visitors,In this village there is a person smaller sector of wooden doing the job which is stage of consideration for website visitors.The peoples of this village are generally Hindko speakers and generally belonged to Swati caste.This village is about 80 km from Mansehra metropolis and just about 40 km from Naran.
There are a lot of lodges in the Naran valley. One of the most popular is the New Cecil Resort. Amid other Fairy land Resort is also located in midway of kaghan valley in close proximity to Malakandi with exciting all-natural scenaries,

Fishing is the chief activity in Kaghan. Brown Trout and Mahasher are stocked in pure silvery waters in the upper pieces of the valley. The Kunhar river trout is regarded as to be the ideal throughout the sub-continent. Fishing licenses are issued by the ‘Fisheries Office at Naran’ or by the ‘Trout Hatchery’ at Shinu. Apart from this there are some other private trout fish farms at Kawai (also spelled as Kiwai) and Kahania, these are owned by pine park lodges, a perfectly regarded lodge chain in Kaghan valley.
Onwards a 3 hour travel away from Shogran is Naran. It is a smaller tourist village open only through the tourist period of May to September. The rest of the time it is protected with snow. All website visitors arrive to Naran to pay out a stop by to the Saiful Muluk Lake (10,five hundred ft) six miles east of city. If the road is open transportation by jeep can be organized. If the road is shut, it is an quick, gradual 3-hour stroll, and the lake is a pretty spot for a picnic.
If you are strolling immediately up-valley from Naran to Babusar “Leading” the loveliest places to camp on this path is at “Lulusar Lake”. Positioned just right before the final grade to Babusar Leading and surrounded by tall peaks, Lulusar is just a person a lot of significant elevation lakes that sit together the crest of the ridge.
One of the most interesting features of the Kaghan area is the Gujar (herder) family members you’ll see together the way bringing their animals up to the summertime pastures. The Kaghan valley is a person of their most popular places in Pakistan. You will discover them camped together the road in their tents or shifting up the valley with their goats, sheep and pack animals close to the commence of summertime and on their way back again to decrease altitudes close to the beginning of winter season.

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