Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland “Routinely callers talk to at what value I would list their household.  I will never  give a list value without the need of seeing the house.”Right on focus on – and – re-web site!
Part 2 of Tony & Suzanne Marriott’s September Challenge
Pricing is 1 of the most important steps in finding a home marketed.
If you are providing cookie cutter homes, in a enhancement, just do the comps. A superior CMA will inform the story of the correct value.
Routinely callers ask at what value I would list their household.
I won’t  give a list value without the need of seeing the house.
The information I can share is what the house is assessed for, what other homes are active, what costs the homes in the area have marketed for, how lengthy comparable homes are having to sell and what homes have been withdrawn, expired or not marketed.
Any household that is priced reduced enough will sell!
But what about the one of a kind homes, the 1 of a form, the types that have
no, none, nada comps?
What about the household on the railroad tracks, the 2 bedroom five bath home on the beltway, the historic church with cemetery, the contemporary previous ostrich farm?  These are homes I sell.
The pricing system is not the identical when there is no equivalent home.
As a listing agent there are diverse ways to get there at the inquiring value. In some cases sellers are adamant at what that value desires to be. Other periods they will take our professional assistance based mostly on our industry assessment and  experience.
When an owner is set on a specific selection that might not be in line with fact…I try a tiny diverse solution.
Consider permitting the vendor pick out the value.

The discussion has to get started somewhere…the value can not be pulled from the air.
Be very careful when you listen to these words and phrases
“I HAVE to get X sum in my pocket!”
Time to talk to the crucial concern.
WHAT is owed on the household including…current mortgage, household equity loans, liens, funds borrowed from loved ones and other compulsory charges. Include them up.
Figure in closing costs and commissions. Then locate out what they want and what they need to wander absent with.
In some cases sellers can NOT find the money for to sell.
When would you like to discuss pricing your household
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