The Salton Sea, found about 130 miles east of San Diego

Shot with a Canon 5D mark II
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Audio by Lee Maddeford
Shot on location @ The Salton Sea, CA.

In 1950, it was identified as the “Salton Riviera”. The resilient inhabitants who nonetheless make this area their residence believe that it will increase once more. The Salton Sea is a exceptional guy-manufactured human body of seawater 60 miles outside of Palm Springs – 35 miles in duration and fifteen miles wide. In the 50’s and 60’s, the area showed remarkable promise and hundreds of tourists visited the area each individual calendar year. That was until 1976 when the financial institutions overflowed and the yacht club and most of the waterfront firms and homes were flooded by storms and excessive run-off from the surrounding Imperial Valley farms.

So what… you request? The ungodly scent, the unsavory characters in the trailer parks, the ’06 expiration day on the coffeemate at the Imperial marketplace. Who cares and why preserve it? It requirements to be saved for various good reasons. Very first, it is one particular of the previous California wetlands in existence. Above 60 species of birds call this area residence. Even additional disturbing than that, every summer months, hundreds of Tilapia pretty much die-out thanks to deficiency of oxygen and litter the shorelines each individual calendar year. Birds are dying of botulism by the hundreds, with wildlife staff just hardly retaining ahead of the devastation. Next, If the sea dies, the dry riverbed will become a wellness hazard that could threaten the total Imperial Valley farming neighborhood and neighboring Palm Springs. Thirdly, it is a put of to some degree ethereal elegance and serenity. As I sat on the financial institution of the North Shore, on the sand manufactured of mollusks, upcoming to a decaying shed, I was lulled into a perception of elegance and peace that I seldom obtain this close to Los Angeles. Sonny Bono was a substantial champion of this area, his relatives dedicating a Bird Refuge area in his title. He far too, thought this area could be restored to its previous glory. It can – it really should, we can not sit by and let a further normal resource disappear from California. Appear it up men and women, go see it for yourself.

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