British Railways British Rail Engineering Limited class one hundred fifty/2 two-motor vehicle diesel-hydraulic numerous unit variety 150249 of Cardiff Canton T&RSMD departs from Truro station on the Down Main line forming the 09:25 (Everyday) Plymouth to Penzance. Thursday 11th Could 1989

Truro East signal box was located by the Up Department (now Up Main) line at the east conclusion of Truro station, and was a Good Western Railway kind 7a structure which opened on fifth March 1899 fitted with a 45 lever Good Western Railway Double Twist body that changed an 1892-designed signal box. The signal box was closed on 23rd Oct 1971 to allow for a new fame to be put in while the Up Main Household, Up Main Commencing, Down Main Household and Down Main Internal Household indicators remained becoming fixed at danger and handed at danger under authority of the Truro West signalman. The signal box reopened named Truro on 7th November 1971 fitted with a 54 lever Good Western Railway Vertical Tappet 5-bar body, the resignalling resulted in the closure Truro West, Penwithers Junction and Penryn signal bins. The lever body was aspect of the lever body formerly put in at Bristol East Depot Main Line signal box. A British Railways Western Region person function switch was put in on 12th December 1977 to release Chacewater Ground Body which changed Chasewater signal box. The person function switch was decommissioned on 9th August 1998 when Chacewater Ground Body was taken out of use. The signal box was fitted with uPVC windows by the mid-2000s which nicely matched the primary Good Western Railway model

The indicators are Truro signal box (left to ideal) forty seven signal (Down Main Commencing), 20 signal (Bay Commencing To Down Main) and 25 signal (Up Sidings Commencing To Down Main). The indicators are carried on tubular posts, with 20 and forty seven indicators becoming fitted with a white diamond which indicates to the driver that his prepare is occupying a monitor circuit that indicates his existence to the signalman. Prior to the 1971 resignalling the 20 signal was Truro West signal box three signal (bay beginning to down most important), 25 signal was Truro West signal box 5 signal (down items internal household) and forty seven signal was Truro West signal box one signal (down most important household).
Take note the finial balls are painted pink to mirror the signal arms, the finial ball in excess of a distant arm would be painted yellow

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