When you are ready to purchase your dream home or want to invest in real estate, hiring a Phoenix realtor who has plenty of

experience is essential.  Not only can they find properties that are within your budget easily, they can also help take much

of the stress off of you.  Here are some other reasons hiring a Phoenix real estate agent is so important.

There are many concerns when it comes to investing in your future home or property.  If you have a family and children, the

concerns are even greater.  Schools, neighborhood safety and comparative home values are just a few of the areas you will

have questions about.  A reputable Phoenix realtor can answer any questions you may have about Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale

as well.

When you are interested in purchasing a home, there are many things the average person knows nothing about.  The inspection

period is one of those things.  This may be the most complex and important part of the whole buying process in Arizona, and

you need to know how it works.

If you decide to purchase a home in Arizona, you have a great opportunity to investigate the home thoroughly before making a

decision on whether to go forward with the purchase.  Your Phoenix real estate agent knows all about this inspection period

and can help guide you through.  You don’t want to miss the deadlines or mismanage your opportunities!

Actually, when you choose a dependable realtor they can handle the whole process for you.  Here are a few notes about the

inspection period:

During the inspection period, the buyer has the right to accept the home in the condition it is in.  You may also want to

cancel the contract, or give the seller an opportunity to fix the problems found during inspection.

When the buyer wishes to request that repairs be done, they will use the “Buyer’s Inspection Notice” form to let the seller

know about the repairs they are requesting.  There is a time limit on these things, which adds to why you should hire a well

seasoned Phoenix real estate agent to handle this for you.

The seller also has limited time to reply.  They may agree to make the repairs you request, agree to repair a portion of the

damages or refuse to make any repairs at all.  At this point, there are some options left for the buyer.  All of this is

enough to give many people a huge headache, and is really better left to someone who has experience in handling tasks like


When you get ready to purchase a home or property in Phoenix or the nearby area of Scottsdale, Glendale or Mesa, get

professional help.  When you hire a knowledgeable realtor in Arizona, it makes your life much easier.

Source by Maureen Karpinski