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Why should I choose you?
Recently I was asked by my manager to help her out with some training she was doing with agents. She knows I use a lot of video and asked me to film each agent in her class respond to a sellers final question after a listing presentation:
I am interviewing three agents, please tell me what sets you apart and why should I hire you?
There were some excellent answers about what they were going to do, but I realized as I reviewed the videos that every answer was about them and what they would do and nothing was different, or about the client.
It struck me not one person responded how I would to that question because a listing presentation is a matter of getting to know what the client wants and helping them understand the process and build a relationship.
“Well we discussed what was important to you and you mentioned:Communication, being kept informed of showings, offers, how the market is changing week to week and most important being able to get hold of me when you have questions. As you know, you are only dealing with me, not a team of multiple different people, so if you need something you call me and I will answer of call you back quickly. As you can see from my testimonials this is one of the things that is mentioned over and over how we are always available to our clients.Marketing your home, we discussed it is important for you to believe your home is getting the widest marketing possible and to the right people. As we showed you, we use real video, not stitched together photos for all our listings. We use this in numerous ways, in our blog, on Facebook, on our website. We utilize Facebook geographic advertising which is highly focused on the sort of people we identified with your help in our conversation who might purchase your home so they see adverts for your home.Open Houses, we explained to you how most buyers today are looking on line and how many prefer to look on their own at homes, often at public open houses. You mentioned you liked this yourself as you didn’t always want to bother us when you saw something you weren’t sure was going to work for you, so we get that and will work with you to have plenty of public open houses when it is convenient for you.Professional photography, if you remember we also discussed how important it is today to make a great first impression, from cleanliness of the house to having professional quality photos and video. Nearly all those interested in your home will see it first on line, so those photos and video are their first impression so their quality is important, just as important as how clean you keep the house.Teamwork, selling your home is a matter of us working together to get you the result you want. So whilst we do everything on our side, you also have responsibilities, to make sure the house is ready for showing all the time in case an appointment is made at short notice whilst you are out. Staging the house so it shows well and by making showings easy to arrange for buyers.Together we will achieve your goals, and if you need help you know we are always available to answer concerns, questions and provide assistance with trusted contractors if neededPrice, we discussed what you would like and how that aligns with today’s market especially locally here in this area and specifically in this development/street. We also talked about how pricing in such a way to show value might get you a higher price and we gave you examples of how this worked for several of our other clients who have achieved multiple over asking offers. Whilst the market is strongly in the sellers favor right now, this does not mean you can put a high price on and expect to get it. Far better to encourage buyers to fight over your property than leaving room for negotiation and be left standing in the corner at the dance with no one to dance with.So let’s get to know what you want and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals in selling your Tredyffrin Easttown and Main Line area home. Contact Nick Vandekar, with Long & Foster Real Estate,, office 610-225-7400, cell or text 610-203-4543 website is We look forward to working with you and making your dance a happy one.If you are buying or selling on or around Tredyffrin Easttown or along the Main Line we can help you,  contact us or connect
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