o Do not Get Drunk.

It's called wine tasting, which means you have to pace yourself. Drink too much, and you will not appreciate the delicate flavors (you may not even be able to remember your name!). See the tour as a way of educating your palate-if you're just after the alcohol, stay home and drink a couple of six packs.

o Drink Lots of Water.

Most of us do not drink wine for several hours a day. So, your body may be a little "shocked" by the alcohol intake, and you could wake up with a bad headache or an upset stomach. To avoid this, drink plenty of water between wine tastings. This will help you flush the alcohol out of your system.

o Use the Dump Buckets.

You do not have to swallow everything. You can just taste the wine and then spit it out, especially if you do not really like it.

o Keep a Wine Journal.

It'll be hard to remember all the names and qualities of all the wine you tasted. So, bring a note book and list your favorite vineyards, varietals and vintages that you really, really loved.

o Go Beyond the Wine.

Yes, it's a wine tour, but there are other things you can do in and around Napa Valley wineries. Explore the beautiful grounds and gardens. Enjoy the breeze, the golden California sun, and the peace of acres and acres of landscape unbroken by skyscrapers or neon lights.

o Understand the Story Behind the Flavor.

For a truly well-rounded understanding of the science and art of winemaking, choose tours that include a lesson on the different types of grapes, the procedures for harvesting, and the different processes involved in bringing it from field to table.

o Rest.

Since most Napa wineries open at about 10 am or beyond, wine tours do not have the frenetic pace of most vacations. You can sleep in without guilt, or enjoy a leisurely breakfast instead of having to rush to catch the first bus. The same goes for the lack of night life, too. There are not any bars or discos here, but at least you can really recharge at the end of your tour. (Bring a good book!)

o Enjoy the Food!

This is a good time to develop your culinary horizons-especially when traveling in the heart of Napa Valley. Take advantage of the numerous gourmet restaurants in the area, and order dishes you normally would've refracted. For more convenience, book your reservations even before you leave home. You do not waste precious time waiting for a table, and you can also research on the reviews of different places.

o Stay in a Bed and Breakfast.

Some wineries will have in-house accommodations. But, you can also stay in a bed and breakfast in Napa or neighboring Sonoma Valleys. The homey, serene atmosphere will give you a "taste" of the local culture.

Source by Nancy Hayssen