ЗОРКИЙ = Zorkiy, means Sharp Sight
Created by Krasnogorsky Mekhanichesky Zavod (KMZ) , (Красногорский механический завод = Mechanical Manufacturing facility of Krasnogorsk), Moscow, CCCP
Design 1968, Form 11a (created concerning 1968-seventy two)
Distinctive feature of this variety: no strap lugs
All Zorki-4 created concerning 1956-73, amount 1715677
as to Alexandr Komarov
35 mm movie Rangefinder digicam
Lens: Industar-50 (ИНДУСТАР) 50mm f/3.five, interchangeable, M39 screw mount
Filter thread: 40.5mm, slip-on 42mm , serial no.6888896
Aperture: f/3.five – f/sixteen, no click on stops, setting: scale and ring on entrance of the lens
Concentration array: one.two-20m +infinity
Lens launch: merely screw the lens counter clockwise
Focusing: matching yellow rangefinder pictures in the finder, ring and scale on the lens, w/DOF scale
Shutter: horizontal traveling focal aircraft, rubberized silk double fabric curtain,
speeds: one-one/one thousand +B, setting dial on the major plate, lift and convert
Shutter launch: beside the speeds dial, w/ cable launch socket
Cocking knob: also winds the movie, on the appropriate of the major plate
Frame counter: on the winding knob, guide setting, progress variety
Viewfinder: coupled viewfinder/rangefinder, substantial and bright
Diopter adjustment lever: beneath the re-wind knob
Re-wind knob: on the left of the major plate,
Re-wind launch: pull up the knob and convert
Self-timer: activates by a little silver button over the lever
Flash Computer socket: on the entrance of the major plate, sync one/30, individual crimson variety on the shutter speed dial X and M select dial: beneath the speed dial
Again address: removable with the bottom plate, opens by two pop-up levers on the bottom plate,
Acquire-up spool: particular, not captive, there is a little pin for attaching the movie perforates on it
Engravings on the back of the major plate: KMZ symbol and the serial variety
System: steel cast aluminum Weight: 687g
serial no. sixty eight 913965 (1st two digits correspond to the creation 12 months)
+leather ever all set scenario, + Lzos Yellow filter 33 JS-eighteen (ЖC)
On Zorki, as with other Soviet-era rangefinders, the shutter speed selector rotates when the shutter is unveiled, and need to not be changed right up until right after the shutter has been cocked. If you alter the shutter speed devoid of cocking the shutter 1st, the setting pin can be damaged when you progress the movie and cock the shutter.

Zorki-4 was possibly the most preferred of all Zorki cameras. The Zorki 4 was also the 1st of the Zorki cameras to be exported in substantial figures to the west.
Zorki-4 is generally a Zorki-3S with a self-timer. It retained all of the options and potent details of the 3S.
There are at least fourteen varieties and eighteen sub-varieties of the Zorki-4.
The incredibly early models of Zorkis are Russian Leica II motivated cameras, but later on models like Zorki-4 are fairly distinct from the Leicas. Zorkis are incredibly properly produced and concluded. The results are as fantastic as any Leica. There are many variants of Zorki models.
KMZ founded in 1942, in buy to produce optical products for the war needs.
KMZ manufacturing unit started making cameras, commencing with the Moskva folding digicam in 1946.
They started developing FED cameras to address the reduced creation of FED manufacturing unit in 1948.
The manufacturing unit produced some style and design and technological adjustments on FED, so the creation of the Zorki started in 1949. KMZ manufacturing unit is the maker of the Zenit and Moskva cameras also.
In 1952, KMZ designed an SLR based on some modifications of the Zorki, and as a result the Zenit was born.
much more info: Sovietcams, in Tigers Lair by Tom A H Piel, in Alfred’s Digicam Webpage, in Camerapedia

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